Blanc des Cabanes

The idea of the Blanc des Cabanes was born by associating oyster farming and wine making in the breathtaking landscape of the "Bassin d'Arcachon" bay, on the French Atlantic coast.

Through this unique experiment, we aim at demonstrating how under sea wine preservation compares with standard storage in vats. The whole process is scientifically controlled, and wine aging is tested at various stages.

We think in particular that the stable temperature, the absence of light and the lack of oxygen can play a very positive role on wine aging.

If under sea stored wines do not get oxydated, one could imagine a sulfite free wine (Sulfites are added in wines to allow aging and avoid oxydation).

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We have used the same material and techniques as in deep water oyster farming
bouteille de blanc des cabanes

The bottle

« The corks have resisted and remained intact. »
The bottles are decorated with small clams, baby oysters, and seaweed..
le blanc des cabanes

A new Concept

We master the bottle immersion techniques and we think this could be an idea that can be reproduced anywhere in the world.